Our multidisciplinary team: Professionalism & Passion for Equestrian Rehabilitation: THE TEAM A reality that has been in existence for almost 30 years must surely have strong roots. For those of us at C.R.E. Girolamo De Marco those roots are represented by each member of our SOCIO-MEDICAL TEAM. A practically unique reality on the national scene (at least within central and southern Italy) made up by a multidisciplinary staff comprising psychiatrists, psychologists, experts in psychomotor ability and professional educators all specifically qualified in A.N.I.R.E. Equestrian Rehabilitation techniques through MGRE and I.A.A. representatives. Thanks to the contributions made by the specific competencies of each of the staff’s members, the user can be offered a PERSONALIZED COURSE A course that is “tailored” and continually monitored and calibrated through weekly team meetings and the joint work of the individual operators involved in accordance with each of their own particular competencies.


Assunta Papa Chief Medical Officer Specialized in Psychiatry – Head Project Managing Psychologist IAA/TAA – IAA/TAA action contact person and animal assistant.

Giovanni Papa Technical Director of Psychotherapy, Psychodiagnostics, IAA/TAA Project Manager –TAA/IAA action contact person and IAA/TAA animal assistant.

Martina De Angelis Childhood Neuro and Psychomotricist IAA/TAA and EAA action contact person

Giulia Casella Technical Operator – ANIRE MGRE recreational-sporting Equestrian Rehabilitation and EAA action contact person.

Chiara Ferri Psychologist – Expert socio-educational planner and IAA animal assistant – IAA action contact person.

Fabrizio Giorda Psychology Technician A.N.I.R.E. Vaulting/Therapy – IAA Project MangerTAA/IAA action contact person-IAA/TAA animal assistant.

Filippo Lo Torto Psychologist – Psychotherapist – equestrian vaulting Instructor IAA/TAA Project Manager– TAA/IAA action contact person and IAA/TAA animal assistant.

Antonella Lotti Expert in Disablities and related pathologies – Trained in the Feurstein Method and EAA action contact person.

Chiara Vidoni Psychologist – IAA animal assistant.

Monica Sannini IAA animal assistant.

Giovanni Lepore Associate  ANIRE MGRE Equestrian Rehabilitator.

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