Montebello Lancers – Armed Forces

The work carried out by the C.R.E. Girolamo De Marco would not be possible without the invaluable collaboration with the Armed Forces and in particular with the Mounted Division of the “Montebello Lancers”.  

Our users can benefit from a totally “de-medicalized” environment.  In fact, the structures at the “Montebello Lancers” are in the midst of a beautiful park. Contact with nature in the middle of the city greatly facilitates the therapeutic course which, in this way, takes place in complete tranquility and efficacy.


“La Marmora” State Police Barracks – Trastevere.

One day each week our staff carries out Rehabilitation activities at the La Marmora State Police Barracks.  Here, C.R.E. Instructors and Police Officers specialized in Hippotherapy jointly assist the users. An entirely special collaboration!

At the Trastevere location we offer courses in Group Therapy for schools. Situated in the center of Rome, the State Police Barracks in fact allows us to collaborate with various Secondary School Institutions which can then integrate their Educational Contribution with a Hippotherapy course.

Quality support is provided to those with disabilities in a context that lends itself to a wide array of values.