“It is not the size of the donation that counts, but the size of the heart that gives it”.

DONATE YOUR X 1000 On your income return form you can choose where to direct your IRPEF 5xmille by providing its fiscal code.  


Why become a Supporter Member?

Becoming a Supporter Member of the C.R.E. Girolamo De Marco means that you are helping those who face the greatest difficulties.

Since over 30 years the NON-PROFIT has helped hundreds of users to overcome their individual psycho-physical limitations thanks to the help of Horses.

An animal that is so powerful that it can stimulate the human organism in an entirely unusual way.

Becoming a Supporter Member signifies allowing those without the financial means to gain access to hippotherapy. It signifies a potential therapeutic path towards healing, if not at least a better quality of life.

Becoming a Supporter Member means knowing you have done something truly good!