Main Events at C.R.E. G. De Marco

Cavallo Al Sole – End-of-Year Show

Each year in June we celebrate the traditional End-of-Year event: Cavalli al Sole/Horses in the Sun. In the splendid setting of the Montebello Lancers’ hippodrome – at Tor di Quinto – the results and conquests attained by the users over the year are shared.

With help from the instructors and servicemen, each user rides on horseback. On that same Horse that has been his/her companion in a thousand exercises, an extraordinary accomplice at so many milestones, in both small and big victories.

Events at C.R.E. G. De Marco
Cavallo al Sole 2018

Conviviality is a sign of the happiness felt by families and operators when witnessing the successes of each individual user.  In the saddle on a Horse everything seems possible!

C.R.E. Girolamo De Marco