Who can access the therapy: methods for Registering

To receive the therapy one needs to undertake a preliminary interview which also involves one’s family members. The patient undergoes tests which will further define his/her psychological makeup, social/relational skills, the onset age of the problem and the relationship with his/her own body.

An observation period then begins which promises to obtain further crucial indications that will permit the development of a personal therapeutic plan. This is followed by a consolidation period which is completed when the set objectives have been reached and have accrued.

But beyond the results, which are at times not so easily quantifiable – with regard to the application of clear-cut programs involving capacity-building, psychomotor development, emotional control and social/relational harmony, the most important success for the subject is that of experiencing true autonomy.


Methods for Registering

The minimum monthly contribution to participate is €60.00;

The annual equivalent for insurance coverage is € 50.00.